Tappi per tubi idraulici

Plumbing pipe plugs: a guide to choice and use

Plumbing pipe plugs are an essential element in the maintenance and prevention of leakage. Similar to bottle caps, these small sealing devices are designed to hermetically seal hydraulic hoses. When removing valves or performing maintenance on pipes, the plugs ensure that the pipe is hermetically sealed, thus preventing liquids from escaping. There are different types…

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Tappi per innesti

Plugs for grafting: discover the different types

Fittings are essential elements in the hydraulic and pneumatic sectors as they allow for quick and safe connections between pipes, pumps, and other components. Their importance lies in their ability to ensure perfect sealing between parts, prevent liquid and gas leaks, and guarantee maximum system efficiency.  Thanks to their versatility, fittings allow for repairs and…

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