Thanks to constant feedback from customers, our company is attentive to developing products that know how to respond to the most critical issues encountered in recent years. In fact, not only do we dedicate time and resources to the research and development of new procedures and solutions, but also to specialized internal staff and consultancy with engineers from the Automotive sector.

Here are our quality benefits:

Time saving

Reduction of assembly times: thus protectors become detached from the concept of their being fastened onto the thread providing a theoretical increase in production (over an 8-hour shift: +60%)

Poka Yoke

Mistake-proofing“: indicates a design choice that, by setting limits on product usages, forces the user to implement correct application. Direct identification of products – unequivocally and unambiguously – makes them easy to install and use with a consequent reduction in the number of codes.

Stock saving

Reduction of storage space (to solve the problem of univocal thread anchoring), simplification of bills of materials, product standardization.


Type of products: patented cut male caps and easy caps.

Custom products

For customers who need a cap or protector which is not in our standard DLM range, we can develop an ad hoc product for the specific protection required.