DLM tappi

Produzione tappi tecnici e protezione filetti in plastica

PVC cap

The product belongs to categories other protections, automotive, caps, . It is available in black, with other colours available on request.
To choose the type of thread that best suits your needs, consult the tables in the technical data sheet.Access the download area to download product pdfs and request the CAD free of charge of PVC cap.


Filetto Ref. Color: Black

Sizes ( mm )


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CPVC0087001300NE 8.7 13
CPVC0138001900NE 13.8 19
CPVC0111003810NE 11.1 38.1
CPVC0142803500NE 14.3 35
CPVC0174503500NE 17.4 35
CPVC0254003810NE 25.4 38.1
CPVC0111003170NE 11.1 31.7
CPVC0142802540NE 14.3 25.4
CPVC0174502540NE 17.4 25.4
CPVC0190502540NE 19.1 25.4
CPVC0060001300NE 6 13
CPVC0095001900NE 9.5 19
CPVC0445005000NE 44.5 50
CPVC0413005000NE 41.3 50
CPVC0080001500NE 8 15
CPVC0079001300NE 7.9 13
CPVC0254002500NE 25.4 25
CPVC0300002500NE 30 10
CPVC0222302900NE 22.2 29

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